Jamie is a Registered Nurse (Child) and has an MSc, BSc and a PGCE.

My role

Since I was appointed to this role in June 2013, my feet have barely touched the ground! Alongside our Lead Clinician it’s my responsibility to develop the best possible care for all young people with cancer in the South West, and not just for those in Bristol.

I have to attend a lot of meetings, share expertise to support and guide other professionals in the specialist area of caring for teenagers and young adults with cancer, whilst advocating and being a voice for young people’s needs within many NHS organisations.

I have a varied professional background; my early career was as a musician in the Army but I eventually found an interest in cancer nursing very shortly after qualifying as a children’s nurse in Edinburgh. Since then I have worked in Edinburgh, London and Bristol in a variety of roles including ward management, nursing research and latterly in education as a senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England.

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

Quite simply, if it was not for the Teenage Cancer Trust, the new unit in Bristol would not exist. The charity is also working with all the designated hospitals across the South West in supporting improvement of age-appropriate facilities locally.

With continued support from the charity our team are able to offer a a range of activities including arts and crafts, music, discussion groups, pampering sessions, games, and social events in and out of hospital. The team is also able to support young people in pursuing as many of their individual interests and keep up with their friends and life outside hospital.