Megan is a Registered General Nurse and a Registered Sick Children's Nurse, and has a BSc degree and a postgraduate certificate.

My role

I support teenage and young adult patients and their families throughout their cancer journey and beyond. This involves working alongside my team members to make sure young people get the best possible care and support.

I think my role is quite unique, as it allows me to see patients in the clinical environment as well as in their own home, which a lot of other nursing roles do not allow. That is one aspect of my job that I really do enjoy, getting out and about and seeing them in their own environment.

I have always worked with teenagers in my nursing career and really enjoy the challenges they bring, how positive they always are and how well they cope, even when faced with such difficult and challenging situations. They really are an inspiration and great fun to work with. Also they tell it like it is!

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

Teenage Cancer Trust allows young people to engage with other patients, reducing feelings of isolation and being different, reminding them that they’re not the only young person with cancer. Events such as their shows at the Royal Albert Hall and Find Your Sense of Tumour allow them to do something enjoyable, therapeutic, and at the same time allowing them to build their confidence and self-esteem while making new friends.