Amy has a BA Hons in Youth and Community Work and a PG Cert in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling.


My role is to work within a small team to support young people with cancer through any pyscho social challenges that arise as a result of their diagnosis.

It’s difficult to highlight a part of my job that I like more than others as it’s such a fluid and changeable role. Above all else I just enjoy the process of relationship building with the young people and their families I love the fact that there is freedom in the YSC role to respond to individual needs and really get to know young people beyond their cancer diagnosis. 

I work as part of a small team of professionals who aim to deliver holistic support to young people with cancer and their families. Apart from the YSC role, the team here includes a TYA specialist nurse and a fulltime counselling service all of whom are overseen by our lead nurse and very much held together by our amazing Administrator. As a team we work closely with our ward staff, allied health professionals and vital organisations like CLIC Sargent.


Teenage Cancer Trust support enables young people with cancer to retain a sense of identity when everything they know as normal is threatened by their disease and treatment. This is done through the funding of specialised staff who understand and promote the critical importance of young person focussed support and care. The charity ensure that young people have access to many of the things that young people report as making the difference in their every day altered routines of hospital stays. Things like the creation of relaxing spaces on the units encourage time out and the opportunities to meet other young people experiencing similar challenges as do trips outside of the hospital. Things that could easily be taken for granted such as access to wi-fi or free TV can make a profound difference to young people going through cancer treatment.