Anna has BA Hons in English, a diploma in Working Together for Children and an NVQ in Health and Social Care. 


My job is to provide young people with fun activities, exciting trips and valuable social opportunities in order to make their diagnosis and treatment just a little more bearable.

I love everything about my job – being able to encourage, support and build relationships with young people on my Unit is incredible!

It absolutely amazes me that despite everything they are going through, the young people on my Unit can still wake up with a smile on their face and be ready to face the day! 


Teenage Cancer Trust enables young people to be themselves and supports them throughout their cancer journey. Their diagnosis is an event in their lives, it’s not who they are, and I think that Teenage Cancer Trust does an incredible job of always encouraging young people to remain independent and be resilient. I think that the Units make a huge difference, as having somewhere that is homely, comfortable and friendly can make all the difference to someone who is undergoing treatment.