Caroline has a Masters Module in Teenage Cancer Care, an Adavanced Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a NOCN Substance Misuse Practitioner Award, an Advanced Certificate in Person Centred Counselling and a BSc (hons) in Psychology.

My role

I provide emotional support to young people who choose to have their treatment closer to home and not at the Teenage Cancer Trust Units. 

I work in the North West, and we are one of the first areas in the UK that has been able to work on an outreach basis with the young people who are being treated closer to home. It means that even if the Teenage Cancer Trust unit is too far away from home for them, they don't miss out on all the support we offer. The youth support service allows young people to meet others who have been through similar experiences and so they don’t feel isolated and alone in their cancer journey

I enjoy travelling to different parts of the North West and taking the service to the young people in their homes and in their communities. It is a real privilege being invited into a young person’s life and it is inspirational seeing them develop and flourish despite what they are going through medically. Doing this job has taught me how precious life truly is.

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

Teenage Cancer Trust helps young people live "normally" after being diagnosed with cancer. They have a team of professionals who understand what they are going through and understand what is important to them as a young person.