Chris has a BA HONS in Youth & Community Studies


The Youth Support Co-ordinator's role is very much to support the non-clinical side of the teenager or young adult’s lives. Building meaningful and trusting relationships, through social interactions, open and honest communication and non-judgemental attitudes.

My favourite part of the job is without a doubt, the diversity of the role! Not only in the day to day working, which can include one day being able to deliver fantastic social activities and opportunities for TYA’s…to another day offering emotional support for something that has occurred overnight! But not only is the role diverse, so are the people and characters you meet, which makes the job so rewarding and worthwhile!

Without a doubt, within my short time with Teenage Cancer Trust, I have already met some of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…inspiring young people, who set positive outlooks for themselves, who take on challenges and constantly say no to adversity! The drive of the young people should inspire the work you deliver, and if the young people are this inspirational, it should mean the work you deliver needs to live up to an inspirational standard to continue to allow for positive outlooks, overcoming challenges and providing a supporting environment for these young people to thrive. 


It’s hard to believe that Teenage Cancer Trust is a relatively small charity, in terms of staff numbers, as the work they do is so highly regarded, and that is apparent not only in Teenage Cancer Trust units and specialist hospitals, but also on social media and in the general public arena, as everyone has heard of Teenage Cancer Trust and knows of a story and/or the work they do for young people with cancer.

The difference Teenage Cancer Trust make in people’s lives is obvious when you step on to Teenage Cancer Trust unit, the young people and the families are so grateful for the fantastic space and facilities, the specialised care, the pastoral and social support, and most importantly, in my opinion, the peer support they gain from meeting and interacting with other young people and families going through similar plights. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of Teenage Cancer Trust and the family’s awareness and appreciation of this is more than apparent.