Hannah is a Youth Worker with a Degree in Education and is also foster carer for Bristol city council.


My role is to provide emotional and psychosocial support to young people with cancer. I offer a wide range of peer support activities both in and out of hospital.

In putting together the programme I am trying to reflect the normality of life for a young person, encouraging the young people to socialise with each other both on and off the unit to help develop peer friendships that can offer support and encouragement whilst receiving treatment and beyond.


For young people to have the choice to be able to be treated in a specialist TYA unit is a great thing, Teenage Cancer Trust have made this happen by providing specialist units and staff on young person centred wards.

Teenage Cancer Trust provides young patients with whatever they can in order to make their time on treatment as comfortable and normal as possible, such as paying for equipment to provide entertainment during what can be a isolating and scary time.

Teenage Cancer Trust also provides opportunities for young people who are well enough to take part in great trips out and residential stays, which can help to build the young people’s confidence, self-esteem and social skills.