My role

I work in the Southampton Unit - we have only been open a year and I have been in post for 6 months, so everything is still nice and new.

My job is to:

  • put the young people first, ahead of their diagnosis
  • support young people in the ways they wish to be supported
  • be open minded, available, non-judgemental and “agenda free”
  • ensure that young people do not need to go through this hurdle alone.

We class ourselves as an extended family down here in Southampton supporting and welcoming all who require it. No issue is ever too much for us.

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

The best bit of my job is the fact that no two days are the same. Working with teenagers and young adults makes it impossible to become bored or complacent in my role - they like to keep me on my toes!

Teenage Cancer Trust allows our patients to be treated in an age appropriate setting by staff who genuinely care about their needs, and not just their clinical status.

The young people are what make this job amazing. They are all so inspirational and strong … how can I not love doing what I do, when I’m surrounded by amazing people.