Lorraine has an MA in Youth and Community Work, a BSc in Psychology and Counselling Skills Level 3 certificate.

My role

A Youth Support Coordinators focus is the young person that is often lost behind diagnosis and treatment. Who is that young person? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their hobbies and interests, their fears and dreams?

Every young person I get to know is unique, has many qualities and various life experiences. Every one of them faces their diagnosis and treatment with a strength and attitude that inspires me every day. I spend time with them in The Christie Hospital in Manchester but also out in their communities and it’s the time away from the hospital, when they can be themselves and enjoy life that is the best part of my job – bringing normality to a very abnormal and difficult life experience.

Why Teenage Cancer Trust matters

Without Teenage Cancer Trust there would be no teenage and young adult service at our hospital. Nurses and Youth Support Coordinators are the heart of the teenage and young adult team, but without the support of Teenage Cancer Trust the roles simply wouldn’t exist and the young people who came to the hospital would miss out on vital support and services.