Manju has a BA in Criminology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Youth & Community Work.


To inspire, to motivate, to listen. To be there every step of the way through their cancer journey- however making it completely about them and who they are as a person and not the cancer. Bring as much normality to their life as possible and creating opportunities for them which they wouldn’t have normally realised. 

What’s your favourite part of your job? Acknowledging how unique every single young adult is: their likes, dislikes, their humour, their fears, who they are as a person and truly understanding. And the ability to seeing them at their worst and still being able to see the light inside them and the person they really are. 


Teenage Cancer Trust offers the opportunity to make it about the person and not the cancer. To bring normality and have the means to do this by. To fund my post and allow me to be creative to produce such work with patients which is tailored on an individual basis. Teenage Cancer Trust offers another angle of looking at personal and social development and realising that growth and development. We have no agenda apart from the facilitation of young adults therefore sensitive conversations about themselves. I feel this is a key role when working with young adults.