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Molly, Spalding 

"It's great to be able to do normal things again and enjoy my life." 

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

Jessica, Lincoln  

"I had just turned 19 and just come back from a family holiday when I found a lump in my neck, but I didn't think much of it..."

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

Will, Warwickshire 

"Teenage Cancer Trust gave me so much confidence to do everything I do, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them."

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

Kelly, Cardiff 

"I've learnt that I'm a stronger person than I ever thought I was."

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

Holly, Wiltshire 

"Cancer is a massive thing to happen to you when you're so young. You're just starting your life and then something hits you and it just completely knocks you back."

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

Talia, Surrey 

"My clothes were hanging off me as I had dropped to a size 6... I just knew something else was wrong"

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

Daniel, Kings Lynn 

"The unit was full of amazing staff and the group activities helped take my mind off the illness."

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

Emily, South Wales 

"Having cancer has made me determined to help other young people with cancer."

non–Hodgkin lymphoma

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