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Timothy, Reading 

"It was meant to be a routine scan, so I was shocked when that and a biopsy showed I had Ewing’s Sarcoma in my spine."

soft tissue sarcomas

Charlotte, Leeds 

"We've been through an awful lot together, he's been by my side from my diagnosis right through to me getting the all clear, graduating, and getting my first job as a solicitor."

soft tissue sarcomas

Will, Barton-upon-Humber 

"My Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, was always asking if there was anything me or mum wanted or needed"

soft tissue sarcomas

Josh, Leeds  

"I can honestly say I feel very lucky to have had such fantastic care from everyone involved in my cancer journey"

soft tissue sarcomas

Rosalie, Lymington 

"At times we completely forgot I was in hospital."

soft tissue sarcomas

Laura, Hertfordshire 

"I was treated on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Everyone was so kind and you kind of forget why you’re actually there!"

soft tissue sarcomas

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