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We joke that it’s nap roulette 

Ashley Williams (26), and her fiancé Jonny raised £3,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust by cycling from London to Paris. Ashley, an intensive care nurse, talks about how she has learned to deal with the lasting effects of her cancer treatment, with Jonny’s support. 

 thyroid cancer

'Doctors shouldn’t tell patients they have a "good cancer"' 

Chloe, from Scunthorpe, was 20 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Charlene, a Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, helped Chloe realise that it was OK to ask for support and introduced her to other young people in the same situation.

 thyroid cancer

Shannon, Barrowford 

"I felt physically and mentally exhausted due to my extensive surgery, the new medications I was taking, trying to recover and getting used to the new me."

 thyroid cancer