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Cancer Type

Ammarah, Walsall 

"Because they did so much for me, I wanted to raise some money for Teenage Cancer Trust to say thank you."

Hodgkin lymphoma

Demi, Articlave 

"While I was going through cancer, I just wanted to protect my family from my worries and the worst of my treatment."

Hodgkin lymphoma

Natasha, Bridgend 

"A lot of my school friends at the time wanted to bubble-wrap me and they questioned what I should be doing"

Hodgkin lymphoma

Natasha, Glasgow 

"I thought 'yeah, I have cancer but my name isn't cancer'."

Hodgkin lymphoma

Daisy, Suffolk  

"It was when they said the word 'cancer' that it hit me. I felt numb"

Hodgkin lymphoma