Thursday 14th November 2019

Hi everyone,

With less than a month to go before the General Election on Thursday 12 December, we want to make sure that over the coming weeks, young people with cancer have their voice heard.

We know that registering and voting can seem like a daunting process. And especially if you’re dealing with cancer, it’s totally understandable if voting isn’t top of your list of things to think about right now. So here’s our really simple guide to making sure your voice is heard too!

Registering to vote

If you’re over 18 and are a UK citizen then you’re eligible to vote in the election.

Registering to vote is super easy and takes 5 minutes (or less). To do so, just follow this link:

If you’ve voted before, and still live at the same address, you should already be registered, but there’s no harm in checking or registering again.

The deadline for registration is 11:59pm on Tuesday 26 November.

1) Voting in person

On Thursday 12 December, polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm. Once you’ve registered to vote, you’ll receive a polling card through the post. You don’t need to take this card with you to the polling station, but it’s useful to keep hold of as it tells you where you need to go.

2) Postal voting

If you’re going to be away from home on 12 December, whether that’s in hospital or on holiday, or if you just can’t make it to the polling station, you can register for a postal vote. This means you can post your vote from wherever you are, before polling day.

The deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm on Tuesday 26 November in England, Scotland and Wales, or 5pm on Thursday 21 November if you’re living in Northern Ireland.

3) Voting by proxy

If you’re unable to vote in person, another option is to vote by proxy. This means you can ask someone you trust to vote on your behalf. If you want to do this, you’ll need to make an application via this link:

The deadline for proxy vote applications is 5pm on Wednesday 4 December in England, Scotland and Wales, and 5pm on Thursday 21 November for those in Northern Ireland.


Over the coming month, Teenage Cancer Trust will be sharing our priorities as we call on the next government to end inequality for young people with cancer – so check back here next week for more.

We’re also one of 29 different cancer charities who have joined to produce the One Cancer Voice manifesto. Check out what it says for young people.

Take care


Ben Sundell, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Teenage Cancer Trust