"When I was told I had leukaemia I was in shock to start with. Then I thought I’d just do what needed to be done and get on with it. As I was 14, I was taken straight to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Alder Hey Hospital.

"Rob, the Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, had heard that I was on the way in and was waiting to meet me with pizza. It’s scary being in hospital, but he instantly reassured me. He was there to talk to me about anything that was bothering me, or just everyday things.

"He challenged me to games of FIFA and said he let me win all the time, but I don’t believe that. It was nice to have a laugh with him, alleviate the boredom, and have a sense of normality.

"I had 10 months of intensive treatment in total and I had a lot of nausea and sickness. The cancer also caused a rupture in my lymphatic system. I had to go on a completely fat free diet for seven weeks and be fed mostly through a central line.

"Once again, Rob was on hand to help. He and the dietician tried to keep my diet as interesting as possible. The doctors put a large syringe in my back three or four times over the seven weeks and sucked out three litres of fat. Rob hung around and kept me entertained to try and distract me.

"When I ended up sitting my GCSEs in hospital, Rob helped set up the times around my treatment. I was told I could get into the local sixth form based on my previous grades, but I still wanted to sit my exams for the sense of accomplishment.

"On results day the Teenage Cancer Trust team called my mum to see how I got on; they were all invested in my results. I got great grades and knew I’d earned my place at college. I’m now studying maths, economics and physics at A level and I want to study economics at university.

"I am on a maintenance treatment trial, which means I take tablets daily. I still go in for check-ups and see Rob regularly. I’ve known him for three and a half years now and that time would have been a lot more difficult without him. He helped me come to terms with everything and that’s invaluable; you can’t put a price on that."