Stories about real people are a big part of explaining what we do here at Teenage Cancer Trust. We tell these stories in order to help others understand what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Sharing your experience also encourages more people to fund our work, helping us support more young people with cancer.
We’re interested in hearing from a diverse range of young people, so we can tell stories that best represent lived experiences of a young person with cancer in the UK.
At the moment we’re particularly interested in hearing from you if:
  • Your experience of cancer and cancer treatment during the pandemic has impacted your mental health
  • Your stories about cancer and friendship
  • You’ve experienced a delay to diagnosis because of the pandemic
  • You’ve experienced a delay to treatment because of the pandemic
  • You’ve had to attend appointments alone because of coronavirus restrictions, or you’re in hospital as an inpatient but unable to have visitors
  • You’ve had any experience accessing clinical trials during the pandemic
If you would like to share your story, please submit the following form to register your interest.


All information submitted to Teenage Cancer Trust via this form and in subsequent correspondence will be treated as confidential

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