Age: 15

Cancer type: soft tissue sarcomas

"When I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Before my diagnosis, I was going to school, hanging out with my friends, and loved playing guitar.

When I started seeing blood in my urine, I went to the see my GP in Barton. They set me straight to Scunthorpe Hospital where I had a scan and they sent me on to Sheffield Children's for further testing the next day.

Obviously, my family and I were shocked but I'd been in hospital for most of the previous 2 weeks having multiple tests and surgery to remove the tumour that in my bladder and 5cm in size. And when the medical team initially told us that the results after the surgery would take 4-5 days but my doctor turned up the very next day, we knew something was wrong.

I had 7 courses of IVA chemo, 4 of them included the dreaded red Doxorubicin as well. After this I was stepped down for the final 2 courses just having vincristine and actinomycin. So in total I had 9 courses of chemo. I started them in January 2017 and had my last chemo on 19 July.

I was treated at Sheffield Children's Hospital. It was really a brilliant hospital, every single member of staff is so helpful, understanding and cheerful.

The staff do everything they can to make your experience there as bearable as possible, and they also looked after my mum very well while she was staying with me. The doctors we all amazing, always making sure you were in the least pain and most comfort possible, especially Dr Dan my consultant – he is a genius.

My Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, was always asking if there was anything me or mum wanted or needed, even though most of the times she visited me in hospital I was very sleepy and didn't really want to talk. She was so understanding of the situation and was in good communication with the rest of the staff making sure I was getting exactly what I needed.

My mum is running the Virgin Money London Marathon with #TeamLegend in 2018, and me and my dad are hoping to do a charity bike ride and even charity gig with my band later on to fundraise for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Now I have finished treatment, I'm studying biology, chemistry and physics A-Level at Wyke College in Hull and would like to apply to study medicine at university so I can be a doctor myself one day. I'm still playing guitar and go out with my friends, who have all been incredibly supportive throughout this journey."

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