Friday 9th October 2020

Teenage Cancer Trust - Black History Month

Documentaries and films

There are several great films and documentaries to watch this Black History Month.

Online streaming services Netflix, Amazon and YouTube have a range of thought-provoking films and documentaries which deal with issues of black rights and highlight a history of racial struggles.

Check out this list of films and documentaries to watch this Black History Month.

I Am Not Your Negro

This documentary is based on a book by author and civil rights advocate James Baldwin. It examines black history and ties in the historic Civil Rights movement to the current movement surrounding #BlackLivesMatter.

Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement

This documentary follows the recent evolution of the BLM movement through interviews with local activists, protestors, and scholars.

Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

This film examines the life of the remarkable poet, writer, dancer, singer, and activist, Maya Angelou. It traces her life and struggles with incredible never-before-seen footage, interviews, and photographs.

What Happened, Miss Simone?

This documentary about singer and activist Nina Simone follows her tumultuous life. Simone’s experiences of living through abuse and the Civil Rights era are eye-opening.

Black and British: a forgotten history

Historian David Olusoga explores the enduring relationship between Britain and people whose origins lie in Africa. From the African Romans who guarded Hadrian’s Wall in the 3rd century AD to the black trumpeter of the Tudor courts.


These books are must-reads for learning more about the British Black experience and history.

  • 100 Great Black Britons – Patrick Vernon
  • Black and British – David Olusoga
  • Homecoming: Voices of the Windrush Generation – Colin Grant
  • Black Britain: A Photographic History – Paul Gilroy
  • Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain – Peter Fryer


We’ve compiled a list of the best podcasts on race identity, black history and issues facing black people all over the UK and the US.

Anthems Black

Anthems Black is a collection of original speeches, stories and poems written and read by lively, exceptional, and well-known Black British voices.

Black Gals Livin'

Jas and Victoria chat about mental health, pop culture and daily life. They are funny but frank and focus on issues that affect the black community.

About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge

‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ author Reni Eddo-Lodge recorded About Race to discuss in-depth issues centred around race.


In August 1619, 20 enslaved Africans arrived in what was the English colony of Virginia. This podcast examines what effect the 250 years of slavery that followed had on America. 1619 is a New York Times audio series hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Code Switch

Hosted by journalists of colour, this podcast examines the subject of race in detail. It looks at how it impacts every aspect of society – including politics, pop culture, history and sports.