What you're feeling? That's natural

Everyone reacts to cancer differently, and there is no right or wrong way to respond. Whatever you’re feeling is absolutely, completely, 100% natural.
You might feel numb, confused, angry or scared. You might feel overwhelmed and struggle to focus on everyday life. You might want to blame everyone you meet; from your parents to your doctors to random people on the street. You might want to go somewhere by yourself and scream ‘IT’S NOT FAIR!’ at the top of your voice. Or you might feel relieved that you finally know what’s wrong.
We've said it already, but it's worth saying again: whatever you’re feeling is totally natural.

You're not alone

There is lots of support available to help you cope and you’ll meet plenty of people whose job it is to help you get through this.

And while you might not enjoy talking about your feelings, it can actually be a pretty powerful medicine. Because cancer changes a lot of things. It can even change your closest relationships. And talking about whatever you’re going through can help you – and the people around you – feel a whole lot better.


Emotional support

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