I think I mighthave cancer

Find out about what to do if you’re worried you have cancer, including getting the right information, who to talk to, and how to talk to your GP.


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How to reduce therisk of gettingcancer

Find out about some of the risk factors that are linked to cancer, how they might impact you and what you can do to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

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Getting diagnosedwith cancer

It’s not easy talking to a doctor, being tested, and finding out if you do have cancer. But these are vital steps, and you don’t need to take them alone.


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Cancer warningsigns

There are many signs and symptoms of cancer – but remember that having any of them doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer.


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What causescancer?

Find out what causes cancer, how it forms in the body and why it can affect young people too.


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Talking aboutcancer

Talking about cancer can be tough – but if you’re worried you might have cancer, the people who care about you will want to know what’s on your mind.


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