Tuesday 24th August 2021

Isolation: You're not alone

Being in isolation and missing your normal routine, spending time outdoors and seeing people you care about is really tough.

If you’re going through cancer treatment, self-isolation may well be something you’ve had to deal with long before anyone heard the words coronavirus or lockdown for the first time.

And while more people will understand how tough it is now, that might not always help with the day to day struggle.

That’s why we’ve made this activity pack – to give you some ideas of how to build a routine, how to spend this time positively, but also how to give yourself a break and look after yourself. After all, it doesn’t matter if you write a novel or just take one day at a time and get through it.

Self-isolating when you might also feel rubbish from treatment is hard, so try to be kind to yourself.

And remember, you’re not alone. If you’re struggling, make sure to reach out to your GP or clinical care team, your nurse or Youth Support Coordinator or friends and family.

Download the Isolation Activity Pack (PDF)

Front cover of the Isolation Activity Pack

What's included in the Isolation Activity Pack?

The Isolation Activity Pack includes helpful tips and resources on a variety of topics to help get you through.

  • Building your routine. Includes a handy diary template to help you plan your time. 
  • Keeping your body moving. Lots of free exercise ideas and online resource, from walking to yoga, HIIT to gentle stretches. There's something for every energy level. 
  • Looking after your wellbeing and mental health. Plenty of tips and resources for how to look after your wellbeing, as well as some great charities to check out too.
  • Nutrition and food to make you feel good. A one-stop-shop for easy, cheap and healthy recipes to try, including some that specifically help when your appetite or taste have been affected by cancer treatment. 
  • Learning, trying something new and setting goals. Loads of ideas for how you can spend some of this time to keep yourself motivated and your mind occupied. 
  • Creating a positive body image. Resources from our #StillMe campaign to help you face any changes to your body that you might be experiencing during or after treatment. 

Download the Isolation Activity Pack (PDF)

Front cover of the Isolation Activity Pack