It’s hard not to be affected by any changes to the way you look, feel or move, especially on days when you’re not feeling great. But there are plenty of things you can do to help. Like eating well and exercising when you feel up to it. And doing what you can to get enough sleep. And spending plenty of time with people who know it’s who you are – not how you look – that really matters.  

Body image

Cancer sometimes changes the way your body looks, functions and feels – and that can change the way you feel about yourself.


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Cancer treatments you have now can stop you having kids in the future, so fertility is an important subject to discuss with your doctors.


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Living healthilyduring cancertreatment

Eating, sleeping and exercising can be tough when you have cancer, but it’s really important to look after yourself as well as possible during treatment.


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I've got cancer

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Types of cancer

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Support forfriends and family

Finding out someone you love has cancer can leave you feeling scared, upset, powerless, angry – even guilty. We have information to help support you and help you deal with whatever you’re going through. Find out more ›