Thursday 31st May 2018

South East

Rima from Kent started losing her hair recently after the birth of her daughter, Clementine. But this wasn't the usual mild hairloss that women often experience post birth. Rima's hair was coming out by the handful.

She was diagnosed with a severe case of Postpartum Alopecia, caused by her plummeting hormone levels, and was told her condition could last for up to a year. 

Faced with her gorgeous long hair dropping out, Rima took a brave decision to make something good come out of the situation: she decided to shave her hair off to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Rima said:

I thought it best to make something fabulous happen from something happening that was not so fabulous. I took the drastic step of shaving my head in order to make a fresh start and raise money for a great cause!

It wasn't an easy decision for Rima to take. As Virgin Atlantic cabin crew, she is in the public eye a lot and knew her new look would cause quite a stir. But her friends and family have been amazingly supportive and helped her to raise over £1,500

Rima felt strongly about raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust as she wanted help young people going through cancer treatment following her own mother's experiences as a child cancer survivor. Her mother, Norma Robinson, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 1954. Norma's memory of hospital during her treatment is of being on a ward full of much older people, which made her cancer journey much more stressful and confusing than it might have been. 


She would feel very out of place, wondering what was happening to her, because children’s cancer was not discussed openly. That’s all changed now due to charities such as Teenage Cancer Trust, who help young people not just with the medical side, but also with the mental traumas of their diagnosis.

Following her headshave, what's left of Rima's hair is still falling out but the money she has raised by turning a stressful situation into a fantastic fundraising win makes it a bit easier for her to face. Rima hopes her hair will grow back over the coming months but, with her infectious positivity, she laughs it off, saying:

In the meantime’s only hair! 


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