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From 11/07/2020 to 05/12/2020


Category: Runs, 10KS, 5K, Other Runs, Adrenalin

Spartan Race integrates obstacles with the natural terrain to create the best racing experience possible. Each course is unique, so racers never compete on the same course twice.  What happens if you fall off or fail to complete an obstacle? It's simple, just drop and give 'em 30 burpees before moving on!

There are 6 different distances…

Sprint: This puts endurance aside and tests your quickness through 5km loaded with 20 obstacles. A great starter distance for beginners, or a perfect test against time for the more advanced runner.

Super: As much mental as it is physical, spanning over 10k that are just as unforgiving as the 25 obstacles that litter the distance.

Beast: Just plain hard! This is the longest and most difficult race and is aptly named for its brutal 13.1 mile circuit with more than 30 obstacles that try to keep you from your finish line.

Ultra: The first race of its kind to bring the best of OCR and ultra-endurance sports together. If you're a traditional ultra-endurance sports fan, you will love the Ultra - 50K with 60 Obstacles.

Trial: Trail is running the way it's meant to be, ditch the tradmill and choose from 10K or a half marathon and explore some of the UK's wildest trails and epic scenery. 

Stadion: Run in signature spartan style, run 5K and tackle 20 obstacles in some of the most iconic sports stadions in the world. 

I need a place

We don’t have charity places in this event, but you can still take part and help young people with cancer.

Simply buy your place directly through the organisers, then let us know you’ve got it by filling out our free online fundraising registration form, and set your own fundraising target.

Once you’ve registered with us, we’ll send you a free Teenage Cancer Trust running top along with a handy welcome pack filled with helpful fundraising ideas.

  • 11th July 2020, Milands 10K super and 5K sprint 
  • 12th July 2020, Midlands trial 10K 
  • 15th August 2020, South East 21K and 5K sprint 
  • 5th September 2020, Yorkshire 10K and 5K sprint weekend 
  • 19th September 2020, Scotland 50K Ultra, 21K beast and 5K sprint weekend
  • 10th October 2020, Windsor Trifecta weekend, 5K, 10K and 21K
  • 21st November 2020, Wales 10K super and 5K sprint weekend 
  • 22nd November 2020, Wales Trial Half Marathon and 10K 
  • 5th December 2020, Spartan 5K Stadion, Twickenham Stadium 


I already have a place

You’ve already got a place in the Spartan Race?

Brilliant! You can still help young people with cancer.

Simply register your fundraising with us for free, and set your own fundraising target.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a free Teenage Cancer Trust running top along with a handy welcome pack filled with helpful fundraising ideas.

5 reasons to take part with us

We could go on all day about why you should join our team, but that would be boring so we’ll keep it short. Here are our top 5 reasons:

  1. You’ll help young people with cancer.

  2. You’ll receive an exclusive Teenage Cancer Trust running top.

  3. You’ll have access to our incredible training zone.

  4. You’ll get all the fundraising help you need to reach your goal.

  5. You can talk to us. We’re here to support you.

How you can help young people

£30 could pay for an hour of care from a Teenage Cancer Trust nurse, who will understand the challenges of dealing with cancer as a young person and specialise in the best treatment for the cancers that affect this age group.

£50 could buy a round of pizzas for a young person and their friends, which might just be the first thing that tempts a young person out of bed after a gruelling round of chemo.

£100 could pay for 5 hours of time from one of our Multi-Disciplinary Team Co-ordinators, so they can build links with NHS staff, find out about every young cancer patient and arrange the right support.

£200 could pay for one of our Youth Support Co-ordinators to give a group of young people a night out at the cinema or bowling – a world away from treatments and appointments.

£500 could pay for a young person to make a film to express their feelings and help family and friends understand what they’re going through.

Spartan Race

South West: Aston Down Airfield, Cowcombe Lane, Chalford, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 8HR

Edinburgh: Spittal Farm, Penicuik, Ninemileburn, Midlothian, EH26 9NA

Market Harborough: Marston Lodge, Clipston Road, Marston Trussell, Market Harborough, LE16 9TT

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Jumping out of a plane? Easy. Abseiling a 100ft drop? No problem. Take on a challenge and raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust! Get stuck in ›

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