How does Gift Aid work?

  • For every £1 you donate to Teenage Cancer Trust, we can claim back another 25p in Gift Aid - but only if you've made a Gift Aid declaration with Teenage Cancer Trust.
  • You can make a Gift Aid declaration when you make a donation simply by ticking the relevant boxes on our online donation form or by sending a completed Gift Aid form with your funds to us.
  • Gift aid can be claimed on personal donations from individuals who pay tax in the UK - it can’t be claimed on collections, merchandise sales, raffle or auction donations or donations from companies.
  • Your completed Gift Aid declaration can cover more than one donation and may apply to future donations, and you can cancel it at any time. If your Gift Aid status changes, we will need written confirmation.
  • Teenage Cancer Trust will only be able to reclaim the tax that you have paid on your donation and you must remember that you can only sign up to Gift Aid if the tax that you have paid during the period of 6th April one year to 5th April the next covers all donations you make to all charities.  

If you are not sure whether you are able to sign up to Gift Aid please contact us. For more information about Gift Aid rules, please visit the HMRC website.


If you have been sponsored by others in your fundraising, please send us your completed sponsorship form which will allow us to claim Gift Aid on each donation made where an address has been provided.  

This Gift Aid declaration must include your First Name/Initial and your full home postal address. Any Gift Aid declaration needs to be an approved Teenage Cancer Trust one, so again if you are considering creating your own sponsorship form please talk to us first as we are able to supply pre-made ones.


What about my expenses?

If there are expenses associated with your event or activity, you must be very clear with donors that only the profits or proceeds will go to Teenage Cancer Trust. Keep track of your expenditure, and keep hold of any receipts for at least two years.

What should I remember when counting money?

  • Never leave cash unattended.
  • It’s a good idea to count money with a friend, with both individuals signing the money return form, as well as the seal of the bag once it is closed.
  • When you have deposited the money at the bank, the money return form should be sent to Teenage Cancer Trust Head Office along with the paying in slip from the bank.
  • Always count cash with at least two people present in a secure environment. Store cash in a secure place until it is taken to the bank and pay in money as soon as possible after the fundraising activity.
  • If there are substantial amounts of money being raised at an event, it is a good idea to have two individuals responsible for counting and banking funds throughout the day, to prevent a build-up of cash. If this isn’t possible because the bank is closed, you should consider using a nightsafe facility rather than keeping the cash at home.

How can I pay money in?

  • There’s lots of easy ways to send us your fundraising money – find out more on our paying money in page.

Restricting your donation

Teenage Cancer Trust is tremendously grateful for every donation it receives, large or small. We work hard to ensure that your gift is used wisely focusing our investment in services that will enable is to reach and support more young people with cancer.

We kindly ask supporters to avoid restricting their donations to a particular geographical location or area of work, because it gives us greater flexibility in allocating funding to reach all young people who need us wherever they live in the UK.

Occasionally we may run specific appeals for specific projects across the UK - details of these are usually on our website, or call our Supporter Care team to ask for further details.