Teenage Cancer Trust and me

I moved to Bristol 5 years ago having spent 18 years abroad. I didn’t know anyone in the city at the time but have been made to feel very welcome and now have a wonderful circle of close friends here. Everyone we’ve met in Bristol has been extremely welcoming and supporting so I wanted to give something back to the local community.

I have 2 teenage sons and my friend Sandy, who took on the challenge with me, has a teenage daughter and son too. Being a teenager has its own challenges and to discover you have cancer at this stage must be very frightening. You’re old enough to understand the full implications of the disease at a time when you’re thinking about your future and having your whole life ahead of you.

The challenge

We travelled 400 miles over 5 days across Tanzania from Moshi at the foot of Kilimanjaro to the Ngorongoro crater, across the Rift Valley and through Masai land. We trekked up steep hills in searing heat (35c in the shade) and difficult off-road terrain of deep sand, rutted rocky roads, thorns, punctures and endless dust!

We raised nearly £9,000 by focusing on asking our friends, contacts and local businesses to sponsor us through JustGiving which was not hard to do for such a great cause.

After all the hard work raising funds and taking on this amazing challenge it was so rewarding to see the new Teenage Cancer Trust unit in Bristol opening to support teenagers in our local community.