Here’s why:

  • It’s social: you can let people know you’re fundraising by setting up your own page and sharing it with everyone you know using social media
  • It’s quick: setting up your page only takes 10 minutes
  • It’s easy: you can contact all your supporters, wherever they are, easily and quickly to keep them informed of how you’re getting on and thank them for their support
  • It’s safe nd secure: you don’t have to handle money yourself, the funds are stored securely and everything you raise comes straight to Teenage Cancer Trust
  • It’s efficient: your fundraising total will be added up for you, and you can add your offline fundraising in too so it won’t be lost!
  • It increases your fundraising income: it makes it easy for your supporters to Gift Aid their donations 

How do I do it?

Firstly find a provider. We prefer Just Giving but it’s entirely up to you!

Next create your page. Make sure you add on a fun picture and your fundraising story to encourage people to donate.

Then let us know about your page. Fill in our fundraising form to let us know what you’re doing and the link to your page.

Last but not least, share share share! Let everyone know about your fundraising page on social media, by emailing work colleagues and friends and don’t forget to put it on your advertising materials if you’re organising an event. 

Making the most of your page

  • Think about when you share your online fundraising page on social media – are your friends more likely to donate around payday?
  • Think about thanking donors on your Facebook and Twitter, it keeps your page fresh in people’s minds and encourages more donations
  • Encourage your closest family and friends who might be more generous to donate first, it’ll set a precedent for your other donations!