New Year


Give it up for January

Whatever your vice might be, give it up for January. People are always willing to sponsor for the privilege of watching a loved one suffer without their guilty pleasure.

Take on a challenge

January is the perfect time for setting yourself a fitness goal. Sign up to a challenge and support young people with cancer. With 100s to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

Ditch the duds

Your trash is another person’s treasure. Sell any unwanted Christmas presents and donate the profits to us!

Packed lunch price slice

After the excesses of the holiday season save the pennies and make a packed lunch every day in January and February. Donate half of the money you save to support us and the other half goes on a well-deserved treat at the end!

Spot the guilt-free tuck shop

Your health-conscious colleagues will appreciate the fresh fruit you provide (for a small donation) in the office kitchen.

Blue Monday

Invite your friends, family or colleagues round for a meal or movie. Pop a donation box on the table and suggest a small donation in return for hosting and lifting everyone’s spirits on the gloomiest day of the year!