Stream and support Teenage Cancer Trust

  1. Set up and publish your fundraising page on Tiltify or JustGiving
  2. Pick a date for your stream and decide what you’re going to do
  3. Set up your event via your chosen streaming platform
  4. Connect your stream to your fundraising page
  5. Tell your community, via social media and/or your other streams
  6. Check out our downloads – logos, frames and other great stuff to get you set up
  7. Livestream! Have fun, stay safe, feel proud.

Fundraising tips and ideas

Here’s some ideas for how to inspire people to donate:

  • The Why - Tell people why you have chosen to support young people with cancer and how they’re helping by joining the event.
  • Incentives - Offering incentives for donations is a great way to boost your fundraising. In could be a shout out during your livestream or naming in game characters after those who donate.
  • Milestones - Setting fundraising milestones can really help inspire people to help you get to the next big target.
  • Thank people - It seems obvious, but it’s often forgotten. It’s important to acknowledge the donations coming in and thank people for their support. Make it personal, and make it genuine.