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The event organisers have confirmed that the Great North Run 2020 has been cancelled, but you can still join us for the Virtual Great North Run. 

The Half marathon is free of charge to enter, regardless of weather you had a place in this years Great North Run.  

The Great North Run are working with ViRace to create an app to bring you an innovative virtual experience with audio clips from the event so that you will hear the sounds of the Great North Run. 

All runners will virtually start at the same time and complete the same 13.1 mile distance. You'll be tracked throughout the virtual race and will be able to view results after the race has finished. 

The Great North Run team kindly ask that you do not try to run the actual Great North Run route. 

The next run will take place on the 12th September 2021, registration is currently closed but we will update this page when it is open. 




Please check out the Virtual Great North Run FAQ's here

4 reasons to run with us

We could go on all day about why you should join our team, but that would be boring so we'll keep it short. Here are our top 4 reasons: 

1. You'll help young people with cancer. 

2. You'll have free access to our incredible training zone. 

3. You'll get all the fundraising help you need to reach your goal. 

4. You can talk to us. We're here to support you. 

How you can help young people

  • £50 could provide 2 hours with Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator who understands what it's like for a young person facing cancer and can support them with the emotional, practical and social impacts of cancer
  • £100 could buy a round of pizzas for everyone on a Teenage Cancer Trust unit so everyone can grab a slice, feel less isolated and be there for each other
  • £210 could pay for 7 hours of care from a Teenage Cancer Trust Clinical Nurse Specialist who understands the challenges of dealing with cancer as a young person and can provide thoughtful, sensitive, expert support
  • £420 could pay for a young person to attend our Ultimate Backstage Experience at the Royal Albert Hall, where they'll develop new skills and confidence before enjoying a Teenage Cancer Gigs show
  • £950 could pay for a young person to attend Find Your Sense of Tumour, an incredible, inspirational residential weekend where they can meet other young people who understand what they're going through, get advice, and take part in amazing workshops

Virtual Great North Run

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