Tuesday 9th January 2018

South West

Jade had just turned 23 when she was diagnosed with grade 2 sarcoma. After a pain in her left arm turned into a fast-growing lump, she underwent surgery to remove the mass which was initially believed to be a benign tumour.

"They called me to tell me I had to come back to the hospital as soon as possible," said Jade. "I knew something was wrong so I was mentally prepared for the news they gave me. Once they confirmed my suspicions I just wanted to know what the next steps were so we could get on with treatment."

The sarcoma had become intertwined with a main nerve in Jade’s arm, meaning a secondary operation to remove the remaining tumour could comprise her mobility and leave her disabled.

The surgery took 12-hours, in which her arm was reconstructed using a part a 12-inch section from her thigh. When she woke, both her arm and left leg were temporarily out of action but the nerve had been saved.
4 weeks after the operation Jade went through 8 weeks of intense radiotherapy, driving a 50-mile roundtrip every day to the Bristol Haematology and Oncology centre where she received her treatment.
"I was treated on the adult ward, as Area 61 had not been finished at the time. People would say to me I was very kind, accompanying my mother/father/grandmother while they had their treatment; I had to correct them and say I was the one having treatment. The old dears were all lovely and kind but I felt isolated and longed to find someone my age I could talk to about everything that was happening.
That’s why I know the importance of ensuring that all young people going through cancer get specialist support from Teenage Cancer Trust. Instead of your treatment being a burden, you can make friends, share your concerns and experiences with someone who understands.
Jade was given the all-clear in June 2013, and a year later ran the Bath Half marathon to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Now back in work full-time, with regular check-ups, she will be running the half-marathon for her 5th year in a row. She is encouraging others to sign up as well.
I love raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, knowing it will go to help others like me in the future. By running the Bath Half, you will be helping teenagers and young adults on their journey to recovery at one of the most difficult times of their lives.

Join Jade and run the Bath Half! Sign up before midnight on 19 January and get 50% off the registration fee