Thursday 4th January 2018


To celebrate having been in remission for 5 years, Emma Gibbons has started a year of fundraising in aid of the charities who helped her when she was being treated for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, including Teenage Cancer Trust!

Emma was treated in our University College Hospital unit, after having been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2013 and she had this to say about the experience:

"I was given the option to have treatment locally - and was 99% sure that's what I wanted to do to be close to home - until my doctor urged me to at least see the hospital to make up my mind.

After visiting, it became clear why she was so sure I would want to be treated there. Not only is their care and staffing incredible, but they meet the specific needs of young adults too. Whenever I stayed in local hospitals I was surrounded by older people and I often felt quite uncomfortable (of no blame to the patients, of course) but at UCLH my ward was entirely made up of 13-21 year olds, all experiencing similar things, having similar thoughts and asking similar questions. I was immediately made comfortable. 

Despite only having started in December, Emma has already raised £750 for her chosen charities. The bulk of this has come from a Christmas Afternoon Tea, where she raised an amazing £400, with an afternoon of tea, cakes and festive games. She’s also been rooting around behind the sofa, and got together all of her family’s penny jars, finding a remarkable £50-worth of loose change to add to her total.

Emma has set herself a target of £3,000, to be raised by December with a range of events and fundraisers including a big party at the end of the year! You can find out more about what the upcoming year has in store for her, and hear about all of the hard work Emma’s been doing, by following her blog, where she says she chose to support Teenage Cancer Trust because:

Teenage Cancer Trust are a brilliant charity who cater for that in-between stage of not-quite-child, not-quite-yet-adult so we aren't left feeling out of place.

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