Wednesday 28th February 2018

South East

A group of 5 friends from Eastleigh in Hampshire have shaved their heads in support of their friend, Gracie Marie Keeping. Gracie is currently undergoing treatment on our unit at Southampton General Hospital.

James Henderson, Daniel Hill, Ellie Morrison, Lauren Birch and Kayleigh Benham chose to shave their heads on World Cancer Day - Sunday 4 February. They got together and took it turns to face the clippers, watched by friends and also joined by Gracie from the Southampton unit, Face-timing the friends on her phone and getting a front row view of the action. Gracie laughed alone as she watched her friends having their hair shaved off before joining them and facing the clippers herself on the unit, cutting off her hair before losing it to chemotherapy. 

Despite setting an initially modest target of £500, the friends went on to raise an incredible £3,897.30 with the support of family and friends.

Kayleigh said of the decision by the group to support their friend:

It was about letting a gorgeous, incredibly strong friend know that she wouldn’t have to face any step of this journey on her own by sharing a small part of it with her. We came together and it’s been incredibly inspiring to see her be so fearless and confident in the face of it all. We’re super proud.

Daniel agreed, saying “When I see a beautiful friend, take on the challenge of beating cancer with such bravery, dignity and strength, I am compelled to do anything I can to stand by her. Shaving my head was a small way of doing that and to help a charity that supports her and others is so important." 

The team made a fantastic video of the day which you can see below: