Monday 8th August 2016


"As the Youth Support Coordinator on the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit in Cardiff, my role changes from day to day.

My role includes; supporting young people emotionally while they are having treatment and beyond, supporting family members, arranging and encouraging social opportunities, helping with educational issues and providing activities on the Unit, as well as being involved in residential opportunities for our young people.

The best part about my role is the flexibility aspect. I'm very fortunate in the fact that my job revolves around the young people that I work with, so I am able to adapt my working day to whatever their needs or requirements are.

This could be as simple as taking a young person down to Starbucks for some time out, or helping them to write an application form for a job.

We are incredibly lucky to have amazing nurses and doctors on our Unit who make a massive difference to our young people and families every day.

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Being sensitive and respectful of what the young person and their families are going through helps us to build really positive relationships with them during their time here and it allows us to be a friendly face in the midst of all the chaos.

Some aspects of my role can be challenging, particularly when our young people become unwell or pass away. However, I feel incredibly lucky to be part of their lives and to be able to have such a close relationship with them in such uncertain times. My aim is to make their treatment and experience on the unit more pleasant, more relaxed and to ensure that they always have the support that they need."