Thursday 20th September 2018

South East

In December 2017, Meredith Jones was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Now she's raising money to support other young people with cancer by climbing the height of Kilimanjaro! 

After suffering from chest pains, Meredith visited A&E in November 2017, where she was told that she had fluid around her heart. Tumours were blocking the flow of fluid around Meredith's body and her heart was on the verge of failing because of the pressure. After an emergency chest drain, Meredith was told that she had stage 4B Hodgkin lymphoma.

As her cancer was very advanced, she needed to start an intensive course of chemotherapy immediately. However, the fluid around her heart built up again so quickly that she needed a second emergency heart drain before treatment could begin. 

Meredith was admitted to our specialist unit in Southampton to begin chemotherapy immediately in the hope of reducing her tumours in time to prevent a third fluid build-up. 

Meredith said: 

Luckily for me, I had a fantastic team on a fantastic ward and, because of them, a very long nine months later I'm now in remission. I've even got my eyebrows growing back and everything!

On 14 October, just a few months after the end of her treatment, Meredith will be scaling the walls of Boulder Shack in Southampton to climb the height of Mount Kilimanjaro. She's hoping to raise £2,000 to support young people with cancer - you can support Meredith's fundraising on her JustGiving page

"I am raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust as, without the support from them, my experience would have been very different," said Meredith. "They helped me cope during such a difficult time. The unit at Southampton General enabled me to have a space to relax and meet people my age in the same situation. The whole environment made treatment an easier process."

Being diagnosed at 22 wasn't the best Christmas present I've ever received, but thanks to Teenage Cancer Trust I've got a lot more Christmases to look forward to.