Thursday 24th May 2018


This Saturday, Rosemary Quipp will be hitting the streets of Edinburgh along with fifteen of her friends and family members. They're taking on the Edinbugh Marathon Festival 10k as Team Marc in honour of Rosemary's son, Marc, who was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in January 2018. 

Marc is currently receiving ongoing treatment at the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, but he'll be on the side lines cheering on the team racing in his name this weekend. 

"Around the festive period of last eyar, I received the worst news imaginable and was diagnosed with a rare type of cancerous tumour, a Ewing's sarcoma in my hip," Marc told us. "As you can imagine, this news was extremely hard for me to come to terms with, but my family and friends have been there for me through thick and thin."

"Since diagnosis and the initial disbelief of my situation, I have been going through treatment which is scheduled to last for approximately one year, putting my life on pause. This treatment consists of fourteen cycles of chemotherapy, during which I also have surgery for my tumour to be removed. Chemotherapy every three weeks is extremely gruelling and draining, it essentially involves me travelling into the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the Western General Hospital for around four days to be given lifesaving drugs. This leaves me extremely tired and fatigued, taking the best part of a week to get back on my own two feet and regain an appetite. Even took my bloody hair!"

The care I receive in the Teenage Cancer Trust unit is second-to-none.

"From the small things such as no restrictions on visiting hours to the more luxury matters of having my own en-suite and Sky Sports in the room, I can assure you that the work and facilities put in place by Teenage Cancer Trust most definitely makes something so horrid, all the more endurable."

"Anyway, as an attempt to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust, my old dear and her merry band of followers are running a 10k on my behalf in Edinburgh a few days before my surgery is due. Any donation, big or small, towards something which has changed my life will go a long way. Believe me, it's worth it!" 

Team Marc's fundraising ahead of the race has been a huge success - though their original target was £500, they've now passed £8,000!

"Marc has been so positive throughout his diagnosis and treatment so running a 10k is very small in comparision to what he has been going through," said Rosemary. "I have seen firsthand the work of Teenage Cancer Trust, stayed on the unit with him during treatment and seen the difference their support has made to Marc's experience. Lots of hospitals don't have this service that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of young people."

If by running as a group, we can not only raise awareness but also money to support this work and ensure that every young person across the UK has access to it, then I feel we have achieved something and in our way supported Marc and everything he has going through during the last six months.

Team Marc are joining over 120 Team Teenage Cancer members at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival this weekend - if you'd like to sponsor them, head to their JustGiving page!