Tuesday 15th May 2018

South West

Emily was 24 when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. When her back first started to hurt, she put it down to the physical strain involved in her job. However, after finding a lump on her neck a month later, she decided to go to the doctor.
“They told me I had Hogkins Lymphoma and I turned to my mum and said ‘What is that?’” Emily said. “I had no clue it was cancer."
I was 24, I just didn’t think that could happen to me.
Emily was referred to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre, ​where she received six months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.
Teenage Cancer Trust was amazing, I think it would have been a completely different experience if I hadn’t been on the unit. It was great to be treated around other people my age; it meant I had people my age to talk to who knew what I was going through and we could help each other. The nurses and staff were brilliant too, like Hannah the Youth Support Coordinator. She set up lots of events, like ‘Look Good Feel Good’ where they taught me how to draw on my eyebrows after I lost them to chemo. I was really pale as well so they showed me how to put some colour into my face.”
While she was having chemo, Emily decided she would do the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust, alongside her boyfriend Rich and her friend Matt. After being told she was in remission in September, the trio’s training has been going well and they recently climbed the Old Man of Coniston in April, which is just 100m shorter than the challenge’s lowest peak.
“I’ve done nothing like this before. It will be a real challenge as it’s a real strenuous feat,” Emily said. "The chemo took it out of me physically and I had to build myself up slowly. To start with, just taking the dog for a walk took up a lot of strength."
With the challenge less than a month away, Emily is nearing her £3,000 target. “I set the fundraising target at £2,000 initially but I smashed that really quickly, so I’ve upped it to £3,000 and want to reach that before the challenge on June 1st. My company, Dick Lovett, have been brilliantly supportive throughout my treatment and now they are going to help me with my fundraising."
It would be great if anyone else could donate too so that I can help a lot more young people who are going through cancer.

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