Dr. PAWPAW Shimmar Balm

15p from the sale of each limited edition balm will be donated directly to Teenage Cancer Trust.

In addition a % of all Dr.PAWPAW’s annual sales will also be donated to help support young people with cancer.

Stories from  four young people we have supported feature on the back of the Dr.PAWPAW Shimmer Balm packaging and these moving stories highlight the amazing work of nurses, youth support teams, and hospital wards that help ensure no young person goes through cancer alone.

Dr.PAWPAW Co-Founder Johnny Paterson comments:

“We have always wanted to work with Teenage Cancer Trust, we have seen the great work they do, and we are delighted to be supporting them now with this newly created product. Dr.PAWPAW has and will always give back, and as we grow our ability to contribute to this amazing organisation grows too. Giving back is a core pillar of our business and this will always remain and it is so important to me and the team and our customers too who will join us in giving back when they purchase the Shimmer Balm. Teenage Cancer Trust does so much for young people with cancer, who deserve to enjoy life in spite of their illness, and we are proud to be supporting an organisation who strives to deliver to our younger generation in this way. We hope our new Shimmer Balm will help in raising awareness for the charity and the individuals whose stories we have been inspired by, and our financial support will aid in their ability to continue to deliver their incredible work.”

Dr.PAWPAW Shimmer Balm is enriched with the award-winning Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm formula which houses a mix of sustainably sourced and results-led ingredients including PAWPAW (Papaya Fruit), Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera. Dr.PAWPAW Shimmer Balm is created with environmentally friendly iridescent pearls to add an instant glow to lips and skin, alongside the nourishing, moisturising and soothing effects found in the complete Dr.PAWPAW balm range.

97% Natural, vegan, cruelty-free and pocket sized. Dr.PAWPAW Shimmer Balm can be applied to lips, cheekbones, décolletage and the front of the legs, anywhere you’d like your skin to shimmer and shine. The pearlescent effect is also buildable, so you can create a soft subtle glow or a full on glam look, suitable for all ages. Use alone on lips or with your favourite lipstick, try on eyes to create a dewy shimmer effect and apply to cheeks as a cream highlighter. Long-lasting, housed in 100% recyclable packaging and suitable for all skin tones and types.