Team Up funds

Create an individual fund for an amazing young person going through cancer treatment

A cancer diagnosis is devastating at any age, but it’s particularly challenging when you’re a teenager, embarking on the start of your adult life. Having cancer affects everyone – family, friends and partners.

What is a Team Up fund?

A Team Up fund is an online fund you can set up to support a young person you know who is currently in treatment or in remission. Families and friends tell us that it gives them a positive focus within a difficult situation and can be fun and rewarding.

Please note – these funds don’t raise money for a specific patient, but go towards Teenage Cancer Trust’s work to support as many young people with cancer as possible.  

Why create a fund?

Creating a fund allows families and friends to show their support for a young person with cancer as well as supporting the work of Teenage Cancer Trust. Young people need specialist cancer care for their age-group, but at the moment for every young person we can help, there’s another we can’t.

With your support, we can get closer to supporting everyone who needs us.

Create your fund

Creating your own fund is quick and easy. Just create a page on Justgiving, and add your story and pictures. It’s good to name your fund “Team Up for PATIENT NAME” so it’s easy to find you on Justgiving, for example Team Up for Brett Smith.

If you are looking for a patient fund set up by someone else simply go to Justgiving and search by their name. 

Share your fund

Once you’ve set up your fund, tell your contacts about it and encourage them to donate and get involved in fundraising activities. You can download our blank Team up poster and fill in the name of the patient you're fundraising for, so you can share a picture of you holding the sign on your social media accounts.

Need help?

If you are struggling for ideas and need some help, check out our getting started with fundraising page or  drop us a line  – we’re here to help at every stage.

Inspired By funds

Create an individual fund in memory of an amazing young person

Losing someone you love is a shattering experience. There’s no right or wrong way to grieve and we know that everyone’s journey is different. Families and friends often tell us that they were deeply moved and inspired by how their loved ones dealt with having cancer. To honour this, we have created Inspired By funds.

What is an Inspired By Fund?

An Inspired By fund is an online page set up in memory of someone you love and have been inspired by. Each year families and friends decide to set up these pages to create a giving platform to show their support in a practical way through fundraising, often taking huge comfort knowing they are making a difference to other young people facing cancer.

It can be a very positive experience that brings together family and friends and honours the memory of your loved one.  

Why create a fund?

Young people need specialist cancer care for their age-group, but at the moment for every young person we can help, there’s another we can’t. With your support, we can get closer to supporting everyone who needs us. 

Creating a memorial fund for our daughter, Sophie, has allowed us to give recognition to those that continue to raise money in her memory. Nothing will ever make losing our precious girl worthwhile, but every event that raises money in her name makes her loss just that little bit less “worthless” and I know she would be proud that she can still help others going through a similar time to ourselves. The memorial fund is a reminder of the good that continues to come from our tragic loss and in some way that is a comfort.

- BJ Raben, Sophie’s mum

How to create a fund

First of all, let us know you're planning to fundraise for us.

Then go to Justgiving to create your fundraising page. When naming your Justgiving page and website address it’s a good idea to prefix it with Inspired by + name. For example your website address will appear as and your page would then be called "Inspired by Jane Smith".

You can add your own personal story, share photographs and once you’re ready, share the link to the page so people can start donating and fundraising.

Any other questions?

Drop us a line or give us a call.