Colleagues and customers of Travis Perkins Plumbing & Heating Division, (formerly City Plumbing Supplies now together with PTS)  launched their partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust in January 2012 and are celebrating after their fundraising efforts saw a massive £2 million donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust. From running and raft races to golf days and gala dinners, the team took part in group and individual events across the country, culminating in the division-wide ‘Have your Cake and Eat It’ bake sale, which added more than £8,500 flooding in to the fundraising pot in just one day!

£2 million celebration photo

The £2 million pounds that P&H have raised could cover:

  • The cost of all of our Youth Support Coordinators, for over one year
  • The cost of all of our expert nurses for almost one year
  • The cost of our Education and Awareness Programme for over two years
  • The cost of maintaining all of our hospital units, including ongoing maintenance and repairs, for over two years

Andrew Harrison, Deputy CEO, P&H said:

The relevance of Teenage Cancer Trust to both P&H staff and customers alike is huge and I’m so proud of everyone who has been involved over the last 7 years, pushing us to this extraordinary total of £2 million. Having so many wonderful colleagues jumping out of planes, breaking out of jail, climbing mountains, cycling for days (and nights), hosting regional balls, running marathons, wading through mud and much more, it's somehow in our DNA!  Working for this great cause which supports young people with cancer is a privilege and I am personally delighted with the partnership.

Jess Coombs, Head of High Value Fundraising at Teenage Cancer Trust, added: “Our partnership with Plumbing & Heating is remarkable. Thanks to the passion and commitment of everyone in the branches, offices and warehouse locations over the last seven years, together we’ve raised an incredible £2 million. The continued and ongoing support means that we are ever closer to supporting every young person with cancer in the UK. On behalf of all of the young people we support, thank you Plumbing & Heating!”

Further events and fundraising activities are planned for the rest of  2019 as the relationship between Travis Perkins’ Plumbing & Heating Division and the Teenage Cancer Trust continues.

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