Cause related marketing initiatives tie a company and charity together to drive sales and market an image, product or service. We have extensive experience in delivering high profile cause-related marketing campaigns with a number of retail and brand partners. 

Brands from Andrex to Topshop, and from Argos to The Body Shop, have teamed up with Teenage Cancer Trust with great success, demonstrated through increased product sales and customer engagement.  At Teenage Cancer Trust we’re flexible, creative and commercially aware - and we strive for innovation and relevance to delight your customers. 

If your brand is considering working with us, give us a call or drop us a line.

Benefits of product promotions

  • Increased perception of the ‘value for money’ and positive perception of your brand
  • Positive local and national PR opportunities
  • Positive association with a youthful, dynamic, stand-out national charity brand
  • Drive customer footfall into your stores, or online engagement and data capture with an innovative campaign
  • Build trust and loyalty of your brand
  • Strengthen your brand awareness with a key point of differentiation
  • Increase sales, win new customers and retain existing ones
  • The chance to make a tangible difference to a ground-breaking organisation and thousands of young people with cancer and their families

Reasons to choose Teenage Cancer Trust:

  • 86% of the UK public are concerned about the availability of specialist services for young people with cancer
  • Research carried out by NFP Synergy indicates that around 28% of the UK population would consider supporting Teenage Cancer Trust
  • We have extensive experience and are known for our commerciality, creativity and professionalism
  • We will help you inspire, engage and cut through the noise to reach a number of different audiences and demographics, not least teenagers and young adults and parents throughout the UK