We are a passionate and dynamic charity with a strong track record of delivering unique, inspiring partnerships.  Our dedicated, award-winning corporate fundraising team would love to share with your company their wide experience of managing successful partnerships across a broad range of sectors and businesses. 

A partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust is something very special.  As our partner, we want you to feel part of the family, and to experience staff and customer engagement levels like you’ve never seen before.  We set high expectations and exceed them and we strive to understand your objectives and work hand in hand to help you achieve them. 

We provide a positive and vibrant brand association to enhance your company's image motivate your staff and set your company apart from your competitors. Working with us is a great way to demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility whilst offering opportunities to reach out to new markets, especially the hard-to-reach youth audience.

Companies large and small have had a huge impact on our charity and we’ve achieved amazing things together. And in the coming year, we need your help to provide over 1 million hours of specialist care for young people with cancer in your communities.

A partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust is something your staff and customers will never forget, leaving a legacy of support for young people long into the future.

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