Teenage Cancer Trust and me

I fundraised for Teenage Cancer Trust because it makes a huge difference to people’s lives that are the same age as me. They deserve as good a life as I do as a teenager so giving them the opportunity to do so means a lot.

I got to know the charity through my auntie who works there. That opened up my eyes to what young people are going through and how even a small bit of money can make a difference. This could be a game or book to play and read in hospital or enough to allow a family member to stay with them. Family means a lot to me so to think that someone suffering can't have their family around them 24/7 made me realise how much my money could fund.

The event

I chose to do the skydive because it was a one in a life time opportunity. I wouldn't have known about it if my auntie hadn’t told me I could do it for charity!
Raising the money was a challenge, but I had the support of lots of family and friends. I spoke to my headmaster and he decided to sponsor me a proportion of the money raised from a mufti day, and I managed to even achieve over my target!

On the day of the jump I was so nervous and excited, and I thought I may chicken out as I was walking to the plane! I had to quickly think of what this jump was going to do for myself as a personal achievement and to support others to have a better or longer life.