Teenage Cancer Trust and me

Last year, at just 22 years of age, my friend James passed away from cancer, having been treated on the Addenbrooke’s Teenage Cancer Trust unit. My father passed away from the disease when I was just four years old. My personal experiences of cancer and the wonderful work done by Teenage Cancer Trust spurred me on to take fundraising to the next level!

I’m President of Cambridge RAG, Cambridge University’s largest charity fundraising society, and this year the RAG team this year voted Teenage Cancer Trust one of our ten chosen charities for 2013-14. This meant that some of our biggest annual fundraisers were held on behalf of the charity and we also saw us sending a number of RAGgies along to the charity’s other various local fundraising events.

The event

Teenage Cancer Trust received a portion of the fundraising total from each of our largest annual RAG events this year as one of our ten chosen charities. Our Jailbreak event saw 150 Cambridge students sponsored to travel as far away from Cambridge as they could in 36 hours for charity. The catch: they had to do it with no money! This event alone raised just shy of £5,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Combine that with the money fundraised through our 2,600 person Blind Date event, our LOST hitchhike challenge, various comedy and dining events and a host of other one-off fundraisers in our RAG Week, and RAG was able to donate £7,000 to Teenage Cancer Trust at our end of year Presentation Ceremony - more than ever before!

Ialso nominated Teenage Cancer Trust as the charity of choice for RAG’s summer raiding tour- that’s bucket collecting if you’re not fluent in RAG language! This event raised just shy of £5,000 for the charity and, combined with our successful one-day Grand Arcade collection which raised a further £1,000, RAG was able to almost double its donation to Teenage Cancer Trust.

I even chose to run the 4.5K Hill’s Road Sixth Form College Race for Teenage Cancer Trust on the starting gun - that’s the sort of crazy stunt that passion for such a special charity can make you pull!