Teenage Cancer Trust and me

I became involved with Teenage Cancer Trust through my role as a volunteer with the Make-a-Wish charity where I met young people going through cancer treatment. Too often I was hearing the same stories about delays in diagnosis, the social isolation and the lack of confidence experienced to the impact of the treatment on their appearance, albeit temporary.

The motivation to become involved increased further when I found out that awareness about teenage cancer in the North West was the lowest in the UK. I also witnessed the huge difference to young people’s recovery and wellbeing that the support of Teenage Cancer Trust made during their treatment.

The need to help address these issues became very important to me and I quickly realised that raising money for a charity in a very competitive environment is challenging so we’d have to come up with something very different. I also realised that we would have to produce something special that would grab the attention of young people.

The event

Once the concept of Runway on the Runway had evolved it was really easy to pull together a capable team of supporters to make it happen.

Our aims were:

  • To increase awareness among young people in both schools and further education
  • To raise funds so we could continually improve the service offered to young people in the North West
  • To provide valuable CV and UCAS opportunities for students
  • To create once in a lifetime opportunities for both students and those young people currently living with cancer
  • But most importantly, to do something were everyone can have lots of fun whilst making a difference to other young people’s lives.

The success of the Runway on the Runway speaks volumes, notwithstanding the money we raised, the various spin offs that have emerged such as The Cinderella Project, Raid My Wardrobe, the Shunburn Campaign at Manchester Airport and the Fly Back to the 80s Ball has made it all worthwhile.

It has been tremendously hard work for all the team but the support that we have received has been phenomenal and for me personally, the many friends that I have met along the way - well that’s definitely been the icing on the cake.