Teenage Cancer Trust and me

I became involved with Teenage Cancer Trust through a computer post on the Wolverhampton University website, where I’m currently nursing. I have always wanted to become involved in charity work and after caring for cancer patients felt this was something I wanted to become actively involved with.

Volunteering with Teenage Cancer Trust has been an all-round amazing experience where I have had the opportunity to meet lovely, like-minded and kind hearted people. The experience has also inspired me to continue doing charity work after seeing the difference one person can make and how rewarding it has been for me.

The event

So far I’ve been involved with 2 events with Teenage Cancer Trust: Slam Dunk Festival and Download Festival. At these 2 events I bucket collected money from people attending, and helped raise awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust on site. During both events we were given buckets with which we went around and actively encouraged festival-goers to donate money. Each day after the shift was done we were able to attend the rest of the festival.