By registering as a Teenage Cancer Trust volunteer today, you’ll be signing up to hear from our Volunteering team about upcoming opportunities and receive general news relating to volunteering. You are not committing yourself to any particular role.

We’re not currently recruiting for any events, but this will soon change with the further easing of lockdown restrictions, so keep your eyes on our current opportunities pages in the coming weeks and months. We do not currently offer any clinical related roles, so please consult your local NHS Trust if this is your area of interest.

In the meantime, if you indicate that you’d like to support us by volunteering in a fundraising capacity, one of our Community Fundraising team will be in touch for an initial chat. This is not a formal interview – just a chance to discuss your interests with someone in your local area.


All about you
Please note if you are under 18 you will need parental consent before you can volunteer with us, Please download, print, complete and return to us the form found at the top of the page.
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