Thursday 12th October 2017


We were absolutely delighted to see 180 volunteers in bright red t-shirts across 116 Aldi stores nationwide on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October!

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful volunteers for doing such a fantastic job and thank you to all of the Aldi staff that leant a hand and made our volunteers cups of tea!

We'll be announcing the total amount raised soon but for now, please have a look through some of the lovely photos we received.  

We were particularly pleased to be joined by Josh's proud parents

We really wanted to help out  volunteering at our local Aldi as our son works for them and has just returned to work after 6 months off with cancer

And also really happy to see that Megan visited her friends at their local store

We received a fantastic response from Aldi customers! Our friend Megan who inspired us to volunteer after being diagnosed with Leukaemia in August popped in to visit us too!


If you missed this fantastic fundraiser, but would like to join us next time, please just click here to sign up as a volunter and we'll get in touch when something new becomes available in your local area.

Thank you once again to Aldi and to all of our wonderful volunteers!