Thursday 2nd June 2016

Volunteers' Week, which runs 1-12 June, celebrates volunteers and the contribution they make to charities, organisations and individuals across the UK. Hear from Sarah (pictured below left) and Margaret (below right) about their involvement in our volunteering programme...

Sarah's experience:

"Volunteering my time with the Teenage Cancer Trust has been incredibly rewarding. To see first-hand the impact the office work that I do every Thursday has on the charity and those supported by it is fantastic. I cannot think of a better way to spend my spare time, and I would encourage anyone who has a few free hours a week or a month to look into volunteering for a cause they feel strongly about.

My role here is really varied and each day is different. I've written content for the website, compiled databases of information, contacted a range of organisations and businesses, organised and sent out volunteer packs and cheered on runners at the London Marathon. There are often a range of volunteering opportunities available, including roles that involve skills like events planning or photography, so it's all about finding the opportunities that interest you and can help you gain skills that you might not be able to otherwise.

A standout moment involved volunteering to bucket collect at the Royal Albert Hall. During the evening I met other really enthusiastic volunteers, collected from extremely generous audience members and was able to enjoy the evening’s entertainment of comedian John Bishop and special guests including Alan Carr and Romesh Ranganathan.

The true highlight of the night however was watching a group of teenagers who are currently being treated on the Teenage Cancer Trust units come up on stage to huge rounds of applause from the audience for their incredible courage during what must be an immensely challenging time. It was very emotional to watch and something I'll never forget being part of."

Spot me (second from the left) cheering at the London Marathon!

Margaret's experience:

"I volunteer because it's a worthwhile charity that supports vulnerable teenagers. I enjoy contributing to online research and admin, and to the bucket collections at various events, in particular Mulberry and the Royal Albert Hall concerts.

A highlight was this year's Royal Albert Hall where I was blown away by the generosity of spirit of everyone at the concert.

On a personal note, whilst volunteering I've made new friends, learned new skills, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and gained a huge amount of confidence in my own ability because of this. For me this is invaluable and certainly worth the time that I give to such a worthwhile charity that supports so many young people through a hugely difficult time in their lives."

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